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If you’re searching for the best Home Security Company Hull city has, you’ve come to the right place. At Crime Stop Security Systems, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch security systems and installation services to our clients. Actually, whether it’s installing a new security system or upgrading an existing one, we’re here to help.
Specifically, we’ll help you find the right security solution for your needs and budget. At the same time, we’ll make sure the installation is flawless.
Particularly, we don’t approve of anything less than the best home security possible. With us, you can get free market analysis, and expert advice and we pair you with the right technicians for your job.

Why We Are The Best Home Security Company Hull Ever Had

Compared with other home security companies, we stand out as the best. At Crime Stop Security, we believe every home should have the best security service available. Whether you prefer a monitored sensor, hard-wired, or Wireless Burglar Alarms, we can help you choose the right product and install it for you.

Outstanding Experience

We, the Crime Stop Security Systems Ltd, have stood the test of time. We have offered security system installation services for over 30 years.
In fact, we are one of the few independent companies in Hull that have stood the test of time installing burglar alarm systems.
Actually, in 2021 we were voted as one of the 3 best security system installers in Kingston.

Superb Customer Care Service

Excellent customer service is the other reason why Crime Stop Security Systems is the best home security company in Hull. Dealing with us is easy since we are available 24 hours every day of the week. We have an agent ready to pick up your call at any time and assist you accordingly.
If you need a home security system or want to learn more about how our home-approved security systems can work, our agents are here to help you. In addition, you can contact us directly on 01482 864995 or via our contact form on this site. Assisting you with our expertise and knowledge base is our greatest joy.

We Thoroughly Vet Our Suppliers

All of our burglar alarm providers are subjected to a 50-point inspection that covers local reviews, history, company standards, rating, trust, and pricing.
In addition to that, we also check on customer satisfaction and trading excellence. As such, our clients get the best home security installation service at an affordable price.
So, when you choose a burglar alarm system for your home, you can rest assured that you will get top-quality service at a great price.
Also, our clients have been singing the praises of our work for years. Indeed, we have won a good name for providing exceptional services and high-quality products.
Mainly, we aim to ensure that you always stand out from the crowd with your choice of the home security system.  Without a doubt, we are specialists in making life as easy as possible while ensuring that you get the most for your money and time.

Best Home Security Company in Hull Offering A 10-Year Warranty

What can be more rewarding than peace of mind? Essentially, to ensure that our customers have nothing to worry about, we give you a 10-year warranty on your home alarm systems.  Furthermore, if you want to upgrade your security system, you can add longer warranties to reflect that you are getting a more expensive product.

Comprehensive Parts & Labour Guarantee

Our Comprehensive Parts & Labour Guarantee covers any parts and labor required to repair or replace your device, and we’ll even pay your shipping costs! At Crime Stop Security Systems, our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible service.
Since its establishment, Crime Stop Security Systems has provided a wide range of security solutions for residential and business properties. Consequently, our sole goal is to offer our clients the best possible service and the most competitive prices.
When you have bought a new security system for your home or business, Crime Stop can supply and install any system you need.

We Offer Security System Maintenance

When should you do regular maintenance, and how often should they be serviced?
To lessen the danger of your house being robbed, you ought to get your alarm system maintained at least once every year by a specialist.
In addition, the specialist will test the system, making sure all of the sensors are functioning correctly. The technician will also look for symptoms of dampness that might cause the alarm to malfunction.
Specifically, it is advisable to get your battery-powered alarms serviced twice a year. Consequently, our technicians will ensure that all fuses are still operational and review your alarm log. An alarm log keeps track of information like any problems and when the alarm went off.
This information helps you figure out what to look for in your alarm system.

Is It Worth Paying For Home Security?

According to studies, having a home security system minimizes the probability of a crime occurring on the premises. In fact, over 60% of convicted thieves claimed they would avoid targeting houses with security systems.
So, when you wonder whether or not it is worth paying for home security, you should consider the level of protection your money is buying.
In addition, you should also choose a monitoring service when choosing a home security system. Some services will send notifications, while others will allow you to view the feeds from multiple cameras at once.

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Do you want the best security system installed in your home? Crime Stop Security Systems is here for you.
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Our professionals will assist you to find the best security system for your home.
We have a broad scope of products and services to choose from, and we can help you find an excellent fit for your needs.
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